Love or Success, what are you going to choose?

Vlad Mihet
2 min readApr 16, 2022


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Every day in our lives we’ll be presented with multiple choices; each of those choices means you might or might not reach what you want. You won’t be able to choose all options, so you’d better make sure they align with your goals and your dreams.

Do you want to be successful? Do you want love? Do you want both?

Well, you’ll have to think thoroughly about the choices you make.

Keep in mind that not having neither/losing both is also an option, so beware; there’s a fine line between achieving it all and losing it all, or even losing the opportunity of having it all.

I can assure you it’s hard, you’re going to possibly feel some of the worst, but as long as you make the right choices you’ll eventually align the reality with your dreams.

Are you willing to sacrifice your chance to succeed in life and feel accomplished for love? Are you going to sacrifice a life full of love, passion, and affection in order to reach your goals and dreams? Or are you going to try and catch both?

Make no mistakes and you’ll reach none.

Make some mistakes and you’ll reach either.

Make more mistakes and you’ll reach both.

Make even more mistakes and you’ll reach none.

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