Welcome to the second addition to the React Hooks series!

In this article we’ll talk about the useEffect effect; we’ll see what it is, how it’s used, what it’s used for, some examples, and some tips & tricks for using it properly.

When to use it?

According to the official React documentation, the useEffect hook lets you perform side effects in function components.

Now, what this means? What are the side effects?

What Are Side Effects?

A functional React component uses props and/or state to calculate the output. If the functional component makes calculations that don’t target the output value, then these calculations are named side-effects.

Examples of…

Welcome to this new series in which I will be discussing and getting in-depth about various React Hooks with what they are, what they do, when to use them, and more!

To kick off this list, we’ll go on with the most used React hook, which, as you can see from the title, is the useState hook.

Now, what is the useState hook?

It’s handling one of the core principles of React, which would be state. …

First of all, let’s see what macOS Monterey is, after which we’ll go into depth about its new features and improvements.

What is macOS Monterey?

To get you up to date, macOS Monterey is the latest update that has come to the Mac family of devices (That would consist of: MacBook Air/Pro, iMac, Mac Pro & Mac Mini). Although it is still in beta until the large public release in fall, I have put together a list of some great features you can expect to see in the public release.

Even though the larger audience doesn’t have access to the beta version of the…


React is a free and open-source front-end JavaScript library for building user interfaces or UI components. It is maintained by Facebook and a community of individual developers and companies. React can be used as a base in the development of single-page or mobile applications.

— Wikipedia

What can you do to ease your life developing React applications?

Well, I’ve put over a list of some things that have not only been complete time-wasters, but also bad practices;

1. Always think before creating new components

This is the core philosophy of React; it’s something you can find on their website; the whole reason behind this ideology is to…

As a mostly MERN-Stack Developer, I use most of the things mentioned here, and I can confirm it can really ease the life of React Developer. Useful and nicely written article. Keep it up! 👌


What’s up with it anyway?

Since the pandemic started we’ve seen a steady increase in programming interest, especially in the area of Web Development and Machine Learning, and the 2 main languages used in those departments, JavaScript and Python respectively have seen a huge increase in popularity among not only developers looking to enjoy some variety, but common folk as well.

So what’s up with it anyway?

Well, programming has been extremely reliable as a work-from-home solution, that’s where all the recent craze about it has been coming from. …

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This is the second developer type from the ‘Developer Types’ series.

Now, the job role itself might be pretty self-explanatory, but let’s dive deeper to see what a Mobile Developer is, what does he do, what are the types of Mobile Developers, and the requirements of landing a job as any of the 2 types of Mobile Developer in the first part of the Mobile Application Developer Showcase, as listing all the subcategories that differ by technologies would make this article much more lengthier.

What Is A Mobile Applications Developer?

A mobile applications developer is the type of developer specialized in building mobile applications for various…

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The Developer Types Series Has As Its First Type The Web Developer

Now let’s dive in deeper to see what is this career all about, what are the requirements are for each subcategory of web developer, in various parts of the world, what are the salaries and all of the other details related to this type of developer.

Web Developer

Well now, what is a web developer?

A web developer is the type of developer who works on everything related to websites, that would be the interface you see when accessing Medium, or Facebook, or Amazon, as well as millions of other…


As you might know from reading my previous stories, or if you haven’t, be sure to check out my story as a developer who started working at 17 here. Now, why did I just mention this? Well, that’s because I’ve mentioned a lot the fact that my de facto way, or better said tech stack for building Web Applications is with the MERN Stack; it stands for MongoDB, Express.js, React and Node.js.

Although with some variations for the Database system, with other options such as MySQL, PostgreSQL with the sequelize ORM for Node.js , Firebase or a lot of more…

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We can always become better versions of ourselves, and when it comes to pur profession it’s no different, we can always improve various parts of how we work, how we process the tasks, how we choose to handle them and many more aspects. But now I will give you 5 things that as well as me, as well as other, more seasoned developers told me they believe has helped them a lot in their ongoing career as programmers.

1. Discipline

This one will become more and more obvious the more you work as a developer; working with code everyday for a lot…

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